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Make Up; Is That Important?

Why does women like to spend hours just to wearing make up?

Young asian woman make up yourself
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Before you offended by this article, firstly I’m gonna let you know that this article is purely coming from my own opinion.

Women nowdays are likely very attached to make up. Every single day, everywhere they go, they used to paint their face first. That’s normal. For most women outside, wearing make up could be something they are like to do (like hobby), it could be something that bring happiness for them (yeah, because it’s a pleasure to feel beautiful), make up could be something that they have to do (such a duty), or it could be a burden.

Let’s talk about why women are like to wear make up.

As I said before that it’s a pleasure for women to feel that they are beautiful, even for the boyish girl who doesn’t so much care about look just like me. That’s normal, and that’s not a shame. Women and beauty have become something natural just like men and power. Women are like to wear make up because they are like to feel beautiful.

Ladies, we (men) prefer a woman with natural beauty (without make up).

Hey men, if you think that we (women) wear those make up for you, then you are wrong.

Well, not absolutely wrong because some of us maybe are making up to look good in front of the men. Just some of us. How about the other? The other one are making up for theirself, to please their beauty desire inside hahaha. I mean it.

Some of us wear make up because it’s a must. For those women whom working outside the house, wearing make up could be such a duty (for example: a model or a banker). The other wears make up because it’s a hoby (that’s explain why the beauty vloggers are exist).

Then why some of them don’t like wearing make up?

There are many reasons why women doesn’t like wearing make up. It might because wearing make up is complex, or it might because (a lot of) make up tools are expensive, and it might they just don’t like wearing it, and maybe some of us are kind of women who love ourself just the way we are , who don’t care about the beauty standard that people made, who believe that yes we are beautiful already even when we are not wearing lipstick or draw our eyebrow first.

Wearing make up, is that important?

Well, there is a blurry limit wether it’s important or not. Wearing make up could be something important when it’s a duty, when it’s part of our job. Wearing make up couldn’t be that important when we just did that to please the people’s opinion about the “properness to look in front of the society”. It’s something subjective, every woman think and choose differently, there are women who does care to the people’s opinion (about the properness) and there are women who doesn’t.

And for me, wearing make up is important if it can make us happy, not insecure. Wearing make up is okay if only it won’t turn us become the “make up slave”.

To be continued


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