No Make Up? Why Not?

Have you ever feel insecure when you go outside the society without wearing any make up?

2018-12-06 04480894107..jpg
I dare to wear no make up

Women often feel insecure with theirself, with what they have, and ironically it’s because they listen to the society’s standard about “everything”.

About the beauty standard and women’s insecurity.

There is no exact standard about beauty. The beauty standard in one place could really different with the beauty standard in other place, and it’s always change time to time. The simple example, most of Indonesian people tend to think that dark skin is not too beautiful, even there are people that cruelly believe that women with the dark skin tone (just like meh) are not beautiful! Moreover, in the first year of 2000 women with straight hair deemed to be more beautiful than the curly hair, but now? In 2018 women with full volume hair looks more beautiful right? That’s it, the beauty standard is dynamic, because it come from the people opinion. Personally for me, following the society’s standard of beauty is more unnecessary than thinking that make up is. Because following the beauty standard will please the society, but doing make up is pleasing ourself, do you get what i mean?

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Unfortunatelly, there are still a lot of people (women and also men) think that if it’s not look like the beauty standard means it’s not beautiful. Sometimes men assume that beautiful women are those who have slim body shape, and the bright skin, and the pointed nose, and so on wich is very general (mainstream). Unfortunately, this men and most people’s assumption makes most women become obsessed to reach that beauty standard. As a result? The women in the group who “feel less beautiful” become not confident, insecure about their physical shape, while the women who’s actually has “fulfill” the applicable beauty standards will always feel less beautiful. Then what’s gonna happen? Obsessed, stressed, depressed. It’s sad when people are never grateful and satisfied with what they have, they don’t even realize that they are not that bad.

No make up? No need to worry!

Yes make up is important to support the appearance, but for me the more important is caring for what we already have. Even if I have more money I would prefer to buy skincare products instead of buying a make up, because the make up effect is only short term while the skincare effect is for the long term.

I didn’t deny that I had felt insecure because I thought that I was not beautiful because of my dark skin. One day one of my male friends made a joke:

My friend     : Hey, I met someone who looked like you yesterday.

Me                 : Really? Yeah I think my face is kind of mainstream, hahaha

My friend      : Yes, but she is brighter and prettier hahaha

Me                  : …

Hey dude, trust me that it wasn’t funny, and jokes like that might not be the first time I’ve ever experienced. I was almost obsessed to have brighter skin, I griped because of the dark skin I have. I was also thinking of buying whitening creams and fear of the sun, because at that time I assumed that my dark skin was because I got too much active and play outside the house so my skin got the sunburned (but fortunately I always failed to hold back my desire not to play outside hehehe).

Then I realized by myself that I didn’t need to do those silly things. Why do I follow the standards of beauty formed by the community? After all, they only care about the result, they never care how a woman looks beautiful -just like the standards they made- right?

At that point I began to accept myself just the way I am, I was born perfect and I should have been grateful for that. Here I am, I should not assume that what I have wich is not in look like the society’s beauty standard is a mistake.

I used to be close-minded, at first I did use make up just to follow my friends, just because I wanted to look beautiful in front of my (ex) boyfriend, even though I wasn’t too comfortable wearing make up. But now, when I get older and get to know more people who are more open minded, my orientation towards make up changes, I use make up to respect myself, I wear make up because I like, I wear make up only if I want, I never care about people’s comments about my make up, I became more confident, with or without make up.

I wear make up only if I want to. And now I rarely wear make up when I go outside, even my friend once asked me why my lips look so pale (because at that time I didn’t use my lipstick). I only wear skincare more often when I’m going to work. Remember, skincare is different with make up. I’m not afraid to show myself for who I am. Trust me, if we take care of ourself beauty, we are confident with our body and dare to not care about what people say about our body, we have reached the level of true freedom.

I’ve never campaigned to ban the use of make up, I just want to say to the women out there who might still obsessed to fulfilling the beauty standard that people made, you guys have to be more confident with yourself, be grateful and care for what God has given to us. Ladies, no matter what people say about our bodies, we are free women, we have full rights to our bodies, don’t let your fears blind you to not be grateful and love yourself. Here we are, take care and don’t hide our natural beauty.

– End of a long subjective opinion –


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  1. Mina berkata:

    well you are so beautiful you don’t even need make up 😍
    im new to blogging and it would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog


    1. Thank you Mina, you are beautiful too 😊
      Sure let’s be friend! I hope we can share something good through our articles 😁

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

      1. Mina berkata:

        yayy followed you! ☺️


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