Baby, Could We Both Just Stop Pretending?

I love you, you love me…


Why? Why it’s gonna be this hard to become an adult? Why can’t we tell the truth to each other? Why can’t we reach for each other? Why do we just keep pretending?

It’s exhausting.

I’m tired enough to try to forget him. I never could. Lately I realized that I never could forget him and it’s because I never really want it to be.

I want him.

I love him. Maybe I could go crazy just because I tried to push him away from my life. I want him. Ah, nah! I think what I feel towards him already stuck at the point where I’m not only falling in love or want him for my life, more than this, I need him.

I’m still falling in love with you my darling, and I know that you feel the same as I do. I can catch your blurry signs that you gave to me.


Why we should took this way? Where are the happy ending just like those tale of princesses? Is the power of love that they always said only a myth?

But maybe it’s true. It’s a real life. It’s a real world.

You’ll never reach the happiness just because you’re love each other. You need to be brave, you need to sacrifice lot of things to get the happy ending with someone you love. And unfortunately, maybe there is nobody who brave enough to sacrifice between us.

Forgetting you is the thing that I really wish it’s just a nightmare. Even after we broke up for a year, I never really let it be. If I could say, that 7 years I had through with you was the best time I ever felt in my whole life.

If in the end we just can’t be getting back together…

Well, I never wish that thing to happen.



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